Friday, 17 February 2012

Programmable Logic Controller

•  Introduction to process control Automation
 Programmable Logic Controller
•  Concepts of Relay logic automation
•  Basic &Architectural Evolution of PLC
•  Role of PLC in automation
•  Various ranges available in PLCs
•  Types of Inputs & outputs
•  Source Sink Concept in PLC
•  AI, AO, DI, DO Parameterization and configuration
•  Truth table implementation
•  Ladder builder Keyence PLC and Omron PLC Simulator
•  Timer Blocks programming
•  Counter Block programming
•  Concept of flags, Scan cycle
•  Live Interface Allen Bradley, Siemens S7-300 & GE-Fanuc, Mitsubishi, ABB, Delta PLCs •  Upload, download, Monitoring of programs
•  Forcing I/P & O/P
•  Monitoring / Modifying data table values
•  Programming instructions Sets
•  Arithmetic and Logical
•  Load / Read / Write /Move /Leading edge / Trailing edge instructions
•  Compare / Add / Sub /Master control /set /reset function
•  Troubleshooting and fault in PLC


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  4. There was a reason I didn't study this sort of thing in college. The numbers and the images look like a made up language to me. In a sense it is, but I really can't make heads or tails of this by myself. I'm glad there are people out in the world that choose to study this sort of thing.

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